Monday, April 19, 2010


Learning how to make soap from scratch is relatively easy if you taught by expert soaping artists, passionate about their craft. 

Interested in soap making?

Catch up with us for the upcoming WORKSHOP on HACP Soap which available in Queensbay Mall!

This hands-on class is a great start to the WORLD of soap making. ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES and begin making cute, artistic and novelty soap with COLD-PROCESS soap making; It must be also a great gift for yourself & someone you care...

We are organizing this workshop at norminal charge with all in, you may just visit our outlet at 2nd flr 41, Queensbay Mall, Penang for registration. Limited seats only.

For more info, you may just write to us, or call 604-6436 898.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why Handcrafted Aromatherapy Cold-Pressed (HACP) soap?
WHY’ you may ask, should I buy HACP soap when I can get more soap for less money at the grocery store?

*Most mass-produced soaps available today are not really soaps at all, but detergents which are petroleum based product. It’s tended not only dry out your skin but may lead to rashes and other irritations.
*Major difference between mass-produced soap and handcrafted soap is the amount of glycerine found natural handmade soap. Glycerine is especially good for sensitive and delicate skin, and for children. Because it is a high quality by-product in the soap making process, many mass commercial soap manufacturers often extract it and sell as a by-product to be used in higher priced beauty products.
*Freshly cold pressed instead of melt & pour process, where keeping the heat low can help to remain most of the natural ingredients’ nutrients. Blended in therapeutic essential oils are not only great for skin but also sooth your mind & spirit.